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Survey findings


The rights of LGBTQ+ people

34% of respondents say that hate speech against LGBTQ+ people has increased over the past 3 years.


Life expectancy of LGBTQ+ people

Half of Canadians (51%) say they have witnessed at least one type of negative attitude towards LGBTQ+ people



70% of Canadians would approve of a union of a close family member with a person of the same sex.


LGBT people around the world

More than a third of Quebecers think that the situation of LGBT people in the world is "good".


LGBT seniors

62% of Quebecers consider it difficult for homosexual seniors to openly live a romantic relationship in residence.


Homoparental families

The survey indicates that in everyday life and on the Internet, more than half of Canadians surveyed (52%) say they have already witnessed disparaging remarks about homoparental families or homoparentality. in general.


Sexual diversity at work

In Quebec, 52% of respondents say they know one or more homosexual people in their workplace, compared to 37% in the rest of Canada


Homophobia in sport

75% of Quebecers and 66% of other Canadians agree with the statement that, in sports media, the issue of homosexuality is kept in silence


Homosexuality is not a disease

77% understand that homosexuality is not a disease and 30% believe, wrongly, that there are treatments to change sexual orientation.


Insidious homophobia

Over 60% of Canadians believe homosexuality can jeopardize a professional career


Perception of homosexuals

56% of Quebecers are of the opinion that the positions of the Catholic Church are hostile to homosexual communities.


Homosexuality among young people

74% of Canadians believe trans people experience discrimination from employers



36% of Quebecers are uncomfortable intervening when witnessing LGBTQphobic behavior.


Discrimination around the world and COVID

57% of Canadians say they are concerned about the rights of gay and trans people outside of Canada


LGBTQ + people in the work environment

One third of Quebecers would hesitate to hire a trans person.


Trans people and the workplace

74% of Canadians believe trans people experience discrimination from employers


The allies

More than 75% of Quebecers consider it easy for a heterosexual person to openly show their support for LGBT people


Homophobia online

58% of Canadians witness homophobic comments on social media.


Same sex couples

73% of Quebeckers and 68% of Canadians believe that same-sex couples have the same chances of having a long-term relationship as heterosexual couples, with a slight preponderance for female couples.


Homosexuality in the world

Half of first generation immigrants, or 50%, believe that homosexuality is normal compared to 71% for those of the second generation.


Sexual orientation of children

87% of Quebecers believe that it is important for parents to know the sexual orientation of their child. 31% believe that parental education can influence children's sexual orientation


Perception of homosexuals

49% think homosexuality is an “abnormal state” and 28% would refuse to attend a gay wedding if invited


Homophobia in Quebec

30% of Quebecers are uncomfortable with the idea that a boy attending an elementary or secondary school has a homosexual teacher


Parents' perception of homosexuality

45% of Quebecers think that a young person who discovers he is homosexual will be unhappy in life

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