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The “Let’s Talk LGBTQ+ Realities” podcast deals with different subjects and issues related to the different realities of LGBTQ+ people. Through testimonies, you will be able to raise awareness of the different experiences of LGBTQ+ people;

Season 1: Every second intolerance shortens lives

This six-episode podcast will explore the different types of violence faced by LGBTQ+ communities: physical, psychological, sexual, economic, medical and institutional. Through these different episodes, we will be able to highlight realities that are too often invisible in LGBTQ+ communities. Thus, different people invited testify with generosity, resulting in a touching and informative discussion which will allow the audience to better understand these realities.

Special Episode: Commemorating 30th Anniversary of the End of the LGBT Purge in Canada

On October 13, the Quebec Lesbian Network, the LGBT PURGE Fund, Egale Canada and the Émergence Foundation invited you to an event to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the end of the LGBT Purge in Canada. Florence Gagnon received Michelle Douglas, Executive Director of PURGE as well as Martine Roy, President to discuss their journey, the events surrounding the class action as well as the film The Fruit Machine

Season 2: To put an end to conversion therapy

Even though conversion therapy is made illegal in Canada, a large majority of the population is not yet equipped to recognize the different forms that conversion therapy can take. Our program “To put an end to conversion therapy” aims to raise awareness and educate the population to detect conversion practices and denounce them. This Podcast gives voice to survivors of conversion therapy as well as speakers to demystify conversion therapy practices. 

Season 3: Chosen Family

Hosted by Sandy Duperval, “Let’s talk LGBTQ+ realities” is an original podcast from Fondation Émergence which gives a voice to people from sexual and gender diversity. In season 3, we will receive guests who have the common point of being caregivers, but also people who are experts in caregivers.

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