The new program of Fondation Émergence: ProAlly, aims at supporting workplaces be more inclusive of LGBTQ+ people.

Our goal is to help create inclusive workplaces that ensure the safety and inclusion of LGBTQ+ people.  We offer

  • Training to become proactive allies

  • Tools to raise awareness of the realities and challenges of LGBT people at work.

This program is based on the expertise that Fondation Émergence has acquired with the creation of its program to integrate trans people into the workplace and Aging Gayfully

Le programme ProAllié se base sur l'expertise que la Fondation Émergence a acquit avec la création de son programme visant à intégrer les personnes trans en milieu de travail. 

Including Trans people





in the workplace

Fondation Émergence has produced an information guide (only available in French for now) on the integration of trans people into the workplace. It was developed in partnership with Aide aux Trans du Québec (ATQ) and aims at providing employers with the tools they need to ensure a work environment free of transphobia.

Don't loose your employees !

This guide addresses the realities and inclusion of trans people in the workplace, the benefits of having an inclusive workplace for the employer, and its legal responsibilities for integration. In addition, it contains a list of important dates that mark the achievements of trans people in recent years. Finally, a detailed integration process will accompany the employer in his approach to support the integration of trans people in his company, for instance during an employee's transition. 

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