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Fondation Émergence issues a charitable receipt for all donations over $20.
These donations are tax deductible.

La Fondation Émergence inc. est un organisme de bienfaisance enregistré et reconnu par le ministère du Revenu du Québec et l’Agence du revenu du Canada. Numéro d’enregistrement : 875907420 RR0001 (

Why donate ?

You donation is helping us with :

  • The creation of awareness campaigns distributed free of charge in hundreds of schools, community spaces, and businesses each year;

  • The program Aging Gayfully, which educates seniors about the realities of LGBT people with training and provides them with information and awareness tools;

  • The program Integrating trans people into the workplace, including the production of the information guide of the same name, distributed in several environments in workplaces.

  • Conducting surveys on the perception of LGBT issues in the population


Other ways you can give

Organize a fundraiser (individuals)

You do not know what to ask for your birthday or as a wedding gift? Take this opportunity to raise money for a cause that is dear to you. Facebook is now giving users the opportunity to raise funds very easily.



Organize a fundraiser (organizations)

Some organizations prefer to set up a fundraising activity for the benefit of the Foundation. Some examples :

  • for every ticket or product sold, some of the money goes to the Foundation;

  • a donation box is made available to the guests during an event, the sum collected is given to the Foundation;

  • the employer agrees to match the donations of employees.



If you work or represent a company, you can propose to your company to become a partner of Fondation Émergence. By sponsoring Fondation Émergence and its programs as the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, you gain visibility on several media, locally and internationally.

Planned donations

Planned giving makes it possible to predict in advance the form of donations that one wishes to make in the years to come or even at death. Four forms of planned giving are possible: deductible donations at source, will donations, life insurance donations and life annuities.


Donations by deduction at source

By simple banking authorization, it is possible to retain a predetermined amount on his pay. For example, an amount of $ 10, $ 15, $ 20 or more will be automatically transferred to the Fondation Émergence account. At the end of the year, Fondation Émergence will issue charitable receipts for income tax purposes.


Donations by will

The choice of his heirs is a gesture of great importance. It ensures continuity in the choice of priorities and leaves some or all of the fruits of a lifetime's work to those in need. Choosing a cause that perpetuates your memory is a highly significant gesture. The first reflex we are used to is to leave all of his belongings to his family. Donation by will to a foundation such as the Fondation Émergence is a preferred way for more and more people who are sensitive to their environment and their community. The custom of the legacy to his legal heirs was formerly self-evident, taking into account the needs of the members of the family. Nowadays, most of our family members are able to support themselves without external input. Many gay men and lesbians have no descendants to bequeath their property to after their death. Some will want to leave part, all or the remainder of their estate to charitable organizations, thus ensuring continuity to humanitarian missions that are dear to them. The Fondation Émergence deserves to be taken into consideration.


Life insurance donations

Whether you already have one or want insurance for your life, you can designate Fondation Émergence as the beneficiary and/or owner of the policy; it will then be possible to benefit from tax deductions.


Our donators

To fulfill its mission, the Foundation relies on the funding of donors from a variety of backgrounds, including private companies, charities, and individuals.


Businesses and financial institutions

Most private companies have a fund for charities. Today's context is no longer what it used to be: the emergence of LGBT communities in the public space is an opportunity for businesses and financial institutions to be open and sensitive to with regard to this cause. The Fondation Émergence hopes that this new social context will enable businesses to take into account the needs of LGBT people and will make Fondation Émergence one of the organizations deserving of their help.


Last year, the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia was made possible by:

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