Raise awareness and equip senior citizens to better welcome diversity.

For more than 10 years, Aging Gayfully has supported the defense of the rights of LGBTQ + seniors and has offered tools and training for more inclusive seniors.

Consult our directory of organizations that have adhered to our Charter of well-treatment towards LGBT seniors

Posters, guides, videos, and other resources to make your community more inclusive.

To raise awareness and answer all practical questions.


The Aging Gayfully training is FREE, lasts 1 hour 30 minutes and includes an overview of concepts related to sexual and gender diversity, the evolution of LGBT rights and their impact on different generations, good practices to make one's environment more inclusive for LGBT seniors and a testimonial from an LGBT senior about their life experience.

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Aging Gayfully Training
Tue, Dec 15
Workshop by videoconference
Dec 15, 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Workshop by videoconference
Training on issues related to sexual and gender diversity among seniors, best practices for a more inclusive environment. Includes a testimonial from an LGBT senior.

Awareness material


Charter of well-treatment

Intended to be displayed in places where seniors meet, this Charter aims to show that your organization adheres to the eleven principles of well-treatment which tend to ensure an environment free from homophobia and transphobia. To join the list of our members, your organization must first follow the training and then have this charter adopted by your Board of Directors.

Charter of well-treatment

Why care about LGBT seniors?

While an estimated 10% of seniors are LGBT, these people remain largely invisible, mainly for fear of disclosing their homosexuality or transidentity.

This is because the majority of them have been forced into hiding to avoid prison, therapy, rejection by their families, religious communities and society as a whole.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

These rejections and prejudices have left their mark and several studies confirm that LGBT seniors constitute a particularly vulnerable population. Although less evident than in the past, the stigma and prejudices suffered by LGBT people persist today. Many of them apprehend aging, for fear of finding themselves isolated in an unwelcoming environment in the face of their difference.

This is why Fondation Émergence has been committed for more than 10 years to making seniors' communities more inclusive.

In order to ensure the relevance and legitimacy of our training courses and tools, we work in collaboration with LGBT seniors (working group) and key players in the senior community (advisory committee). We must first follow the training and then have this charter adopted by your Board of Directors.

Memory thesis

The Memory thesis project, which is part of the Aging Gayfully program, aims to honor the contribution of activists who have contributed to improving the situation of LGBTQ + people in Quebec today.

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