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This six-episode podcast will explore the different types of violence faced by LGBTQ+ communities: physical, psychological, sexual, economic, medical and institutional. Through these different episodes, we will be able to shed light on realities that are too often invisible in LGBTQ+ communities. Thus, various guests will generously testify, leading to a touching and instructive discussion that will allow the audience to better understand these realities.

Physical violence

In this episode, we will talk about the fundamentals of International Day, its importance today, as well as the fact that it’s still important nowadays. We will then talk about the impacts of physical violence and the behaviors attached to it.


Laurent Breault, head of the Foundation

Audrey, in charge of sensibilization

Psychological violence

In this episode, we will have the chance to talk to certain guests about the impacts of psychological violence, and more precisely, about psychological impacts of misgendering. Thanks to these testimonies, the public will be better equipped to understand these impacts and its behaviors.

Guests: Brigitte Marier, administrative deputy of the Foundation

Maxime Fortin, student

Sexual violence

In this episode, we will talk about several concepts around sexual violence. We will explore these issues around these violences and explore how these ease into places of socialization, as well as how we can identify them.

Guests :

Olivia Baker, Programmer of the foundation

Jérémie, Speaker from REZO

Economical violence

In this episode, we will talk about the dynamics of violence in the lives of LGBTQ. We will talk about the obstacles and issues LGBTQ+ people encounter and how, often, economical violence, stemming from those obstacles, have a negative impact on the lives of LGBTQ people.

Guest: Debbie Owusu-Akyeeah

Institutional violence

In this episode, we will explore the issues around institutional violence that can be experienced by LGBTQ+ people. We will see that these types of violence are present and that they greatly affect the lives and realities of LGBTQ people.


Julien Rougerie, Programme manager for Pour Que Vieillir Soit Gai

Lani A. Trilène, Militant and activist

Anne Fréchette, Volunteer at Gris Montreal

Medical violence

In this episode, we will talk about medical violences and how these violences generate negative consequences on LGBTQ people, but more specifically on trans people, non binary and intersex people.

Guests: Abigaël Bouchard, Non binary transwoman

Janick Bastien Charlebois, Professor at the Universite du Quebec a Montreal


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