The Fondation Émergence's ProAlly program helps workplaces to be more inclusive for LGBTQ+ people, supporting organizations with a range of tools and training.

Our goal: to create allied workplaces that ensure the safety and inclusion of LGBTQ + people. We offer a training course as well as awareness-raising tools which help to develop proactive allies.

Consult our directory of organizations that have signed our Charter for the fair treatment of LGBT seniors. 

Posters, guides, videos, and other resources to make your community more inclusive.

To raise awareness and answer common questions.


The ProAlly training lasts 1h30. It includes the testimony of a trans woman who shares her experiences of transitioning at work. There is also a question and answer section. The duration and content can be personalized. To discuss training costs, please contact us. 

Ce qu'en pensent les formé.e.s

"Même si j'étais déjà très conscientisée à ces enjeux, ça m'a tout de même permis d'en apprendre. Merci pour cette formation et vive la diversité!"

Employé.e AQPS


Awareness material

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Guides "ProAlly" and "Integrating trans people in the workplace"

Out at work

Portraits and testimonies of

LGBTQ+ professionals

Testimonials from trans employees