Poster for May 17th International Day Agaisnt Homophobia and Transphobia 2007 sexual orientation is not a choice

My identity is not a choice !


Not something you chose

Are people born straight, gay, lesbian, bi, etc. or is it something that develops over time? Many researchers have sought to find an explanation for homosexuality and many studies have been conducted in search of answers. In spite of the different theories that exist, there is consensus about two facts: people do not choose their sexual orientation and there is no way to change it.

... something you discover

Discovering one’s sexual orientation is an important process in one’s life. Sexual orientation does not come to a person like a revelation; it is something that one gradually becomes aware of. The discovery occurs often at puberty, but not in all cases. Without being able to put words on it, many people say later in life that they felt they were different from a young age.

What about gender identity ?


Although the campaign focuses on homosexuality, it is important to remember that transgender people do not choose their gender identity, just as LGB people do not choose their sexual orientation. Most of the time, transgender people discover their gender identity in childhood, while some make a transition at an older age.

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Are LGBT people happy ?

Can LGBT people be as happy as heterosexual people? A survey conducted on behalf of Interligne (formerly known as Gai Écoute) indicates that the main concern of parents is to see their children happy . But we have to admit that this is not always easy. Sexual orientation and gender identity are not the source of hardships – the blame lies instead with the homophobia and transphobia in our culture. Acceptance and, mainly, tolerance towards LGBT people have come a long way in recent years, but there is still a long way to go. Fighting homophobia and transphobia contributes to the happiness of LGBT people.

Did you know ?

In a study conducted in 2017 in the United Kingdom, 31% of respondents thought homosexuality was a choice.



Survey results

Canadians want to know the sexual orientation of their kids

sondage 2007 chart eng.jpg

According to our survey, conducted in 2007:

  • The vast majority of Canadians (78%) believe that it is important for parents to know their child's sexual orientation.

  • For 58% of Canadians, the way parents raise a child is not a determining factor in the sexual orientation of their children.

  • 47% of respondents think that a person can choose or change their sexual orientation if they wish.

  • The majority of Canadians (72%) believe that it is better to talk about all sexual orientations when discussing sex education with young people.

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