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Personal, social and civic responsibility

As with any other form of discrimination, homophobia or transphobia must be denounced whenever you are witness or victim of homophobic gestures or words.

In such a situation, one must show disagreement and demand that that behavior cease. When this is not possible or the situation persists, you must then contact organizations that have the competence to intervene and put an end to this situation.

It is important to do so: denouncing homophobia and transphobia is a personal, social and civic responsibility.

Did you know ?

In a study conducted in 2017 for the Quebec government, 42.1% of respondents said they had already witnessed discrimination against homosexual, bisexual or trans people?



Survey's results

No consensus amongst Canadians : Should homophobia be illegal ?

According to our survey, conducted in 2004:

  • For the 71% of Quebecers, anti-homosexual behavior is considered as serious as xenophobic or racist behavior.

  • More than half (56%) of Quebecers think that the statements and positions of the Catholic Church are hostile to the homosexual community.

  • Almost a quarter (22%) of respondents think that people who reveal their homosexuality are too visible.

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